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We are a true Czech company that has provided comprehensive services in the field of engineering production for almost 30 years. ZIHOS was founded in 1991 as a manufacturing company and focused on the production of garden machinery. Already in 1992 we were already manufacturing the first type of a very popular soil cultivator. Since then, we have been introducing additional accessories for the cultivator which allowed the machine to be used for a variety of garden work. Gradually, we were able to manage additional orders which allowed us to expand our production capacity and range. At this time, we have also become a major manufacturer of satellite antenna holders, exported mainly to Western European countries. We have become increasingly aware of the fact that we will not be able to grow without investing more into technical skills as well as into our products and services. We have built a new plant in Klatovy which allowed us to handle CNC machining. We have also began designing new machines and equipment in 3D CAD and manufacturing them for our customers. Since the operation in Švihov was focused primarily on the production of antenna holders including welding of steel and aluminium structures, and the operation in Klatovy was used for CNC machining, there was a need to separate both of these operations and create separate companies. In 2018 a new company was established through separation from ZIHOS s.r.o. The new company was called ZIHOS Klatovy s.r.o. and focused on heavy CNC machining and designing activities.

   The strength of the company is the ability to offer flexible order processing. We offer a complete realization of the project from the very first idea all the way to the final product.

We also pay attention to professional education of our employees

   As part of our educational activities, through which we strive to constantly improve the professional level of our employees, we have joined a project called “Learn and Grow" and "Support for Professional Employee Training”.

   In 2012, three of our employees attended a training called "Technical Drawing and Understanding Drawings" and obtained a certificate for this qualification. In the same year, five of our employees took part in a training programme "CNC Machine Programmer" and received a certificate for of CNC machine operators and programmers.

   In July 2013, our company hosted a training course "CNC Machine Operator", which was successfully completed by four of our employees. All employees who passed this training are now able to operate CNC lathes and machining centres.

   The CNC Machine Operator training is followed by another training called “5‑Axis CNC Machining Centre Operator”, which was attended by 5 employees who are now able to operate all five machine axes.

   In the first half of 2014, we have repeated the "Technical Drawing and Understanding Drawings" training which was attended by two new employees. This training is part of the "Support for Professional Employee Training” project.

   In 2014, we had three new employees trained in SIMATIC control systems programming.

   In the autumn of 2018, we have trained 9 employees to operate NC machines using HEIDENHAIN control system. The training included both theoretical training and practical demonstrations on our machine.