Zajistíme kompletní služby pro zákazníky počínaje návrhem a konstrukcí, vlastní výrobou až po povrchové úpravy a dopravu.
We provide our customers with comprehensive services from design, construction, and the actual manufacturing, to surface finishing and transport.
Wir sichern den kompletten Service für unsere Kunden von der Planung und Konstruktion, über eigene Produktion bis zur Oberflächenbearbeitung und transport.
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Training our staff

As part of our activities aiming at constant education and training of our staff, we joined the project “Vzdělávejte se pro růst” (Education for growth). This project is organised by the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as part of the Human Resources and Employment Operational Programme and it is intended for the support of employers, employees, and job applicants. The project follows from the successful measures “Vzdělávejte se!” (Educate yourself!) and “Školení je šance” (Training is a chance), taken to support businesses during the crisis, and with the help of the European Social Fund supports businesses that managed to overcome the economic recession.

In 2014 we joined the project “Podpora odborného vzdělávání” (Professional training support).


We care about our employees' professionalism

In 2012, three employees of ZIHOS s.r.o. took part in the training “Čtení a kreslení výkresové dokumentace” (Reading and drawing technical drawings) and gained the relevant certification. In the same year, five of our employees took part in the training “Programátor CNC strojů” (CNC machines programmer) to gain a CNC milling machines operation and programming retraining certificate. 

Thanks to the project “Vzdělávejte se pro růst” we gained a grant in 2013 to improve the qualification of our welders. Three of our employees took the official exam in aluminium alloys welding under EN ISO 9606-2 and two employees took the official exam in steel welding under EN 287-1.  We also managed to improve one colleague's qualification up to an International Welding Engineer (IWE)

A training called “Obsluha CNC strojů” (CNC machines operation) took place in July 2013 on the premises of our plant in Klatovy and was successfully completed by four of our employees. After taking part in this training, all participants are able to operate a CNC lathe and machining centre.

This training is followed by another called “Obsluha 5-osého CNC obráběcího centra” (5-axis CNC machining centre operation) which was completed by five employees who are now able to operate all five axes of such machines.

In the first half of 2014, we registered two new employees for a repeated “Čtení a kreslení výkresové dokumentace” (Reading and drawing technical drawings) under the “Podpora odborného vzdělávání” (Professional training support) project.



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